Brand Concept

Poney Enfants is a new establishment by PONEY in March 2012. With just a year of presence in the luxury childrenswear fashion world, Poney Enfants has become one of the most sought-after brands in the world. All pieces focus on four seasons collections, and are designed exclusively in Spain by Magda Sola, its Spanish Head of Design. Poney Enfants is truly gorgeous, and are created in the finest details with many intricate and complex efforts by celebrated artisans.

Poney Enfants is created for the affluent, who appreciate and cherish the superiority of luxury and finest apparels, accessories for their beloved little ones to enjoy every moment of glamour combining a fun, trendy and stylish lifestyle.

This premium brand will be available in Spain soon, further setting its foothold in Barcelona to Europe and to other fashion capital cities.      

Poney Enfants is uniquely collectable.







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